Pre-op Clearance Specialist

Rochester Primary Care

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Having an operation can be a frightening time of your life. In order to minimize risk and give you a bigger peace of mind, pre op clearance can make sure that you’re ready to have your surgery. At Rochester Primary Care, Ramkrishna Surendran, MD can clear you for your operation with their many years of experience. Contact Rochester Primary Care through phone or online to get started.

Pre Op Clearance Q&A

What does Pre-Op Clearance consist of?

Usually, you will get a checkup the month before you have surgery. If there are any possible medical issues, you can get them treated before you're under the knife. You may be asked about your medical history, and you may have a physical examination.

In addition, you may see a specialist before your surgery.

What about before my surgery?

Depending on your surgery, you may have some tests beforehand. You may have a blood test, x-ray, and your organs may be tested as well. It all depends on what surgery you are having. At Rochester Primary Care, we’ll make sure you have all the proper tests you need before your surgery.