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Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder among Americans, while depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States. At Rochester Primary Care in Rochester and Rochester Hills, Michigan, Ramkrishna Surendran, MD, and Laurie Moy, DO, are experienced in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression to help you maintain a high quality of life. If you struggle with symptoms of depression or anxiety interferes with your life, schedule a consultation today online or by phone.

Depression & Anxiety Q & A

What are depression and anxiety?

Depression is a chronic condition that causes you to feel persistent sadness, loneliness, or disinterest in your usual activities. Depressive symptoms can range from mild to severe and can have a negative impact on your ability to perform your job or engage in social activities.

Anxiety is a chronic condition where you experience excessive worry or fears about events or situations without any cause. This disorder makes it difficult for you to understand or control your worry, even when there’s no obvious reason for concern.

For many people, depression and anxiety go hand in hand with symptoms of each affecting their overall health and quality of life. Without treatment, these conditions can increase your risk for self-harm or suicide.

What causes depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety can be the result of many factors in your genetics, your environment, and your health.

Common causes of anxiety and depression include:

  • Chronic illness
  • Family history
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Brain chemical imbalance
  • Other mental health disorders

You may also develop depression and anxiety due to traumatic experiences or persistent life stress.

How are depression and anxiety diagnosed?

Dr. Surendran is highly experienced in diagnosing anxiety and depression based on a discussion of your symptoms and how they impact your life.

Testing, including blood work, may be effective in identifying potential causes of depression and anxiety, such as hormonal imbalance. Tests may also be useful in ruling out underlying medical conditions that may be triggering your symptoms.

What are the treatments available for depression and anxiety?

Depending on the root cause of your depression or anxiety, your doctor may initially recommend making lifestyle changes to reduce stress and improve your physical health. These changes may include eating a healthier diet and getting enough exercise.

If stress is a factor in your condition, you may benefit from learning stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing exercises and meditation.

Your doctor may refer you for talk therapy or behavioral therapy, where you can learn to effectively cope with your symptoms.

For some, medication therapy is helpful for reducing the severity of your symptoms and help you regain control of your life. Antianxiety and antidepressant medications are available, Dr. Surendran can develop a custom treatment plan using one or more medications to increase your functionality.

If you have difficulties with depression or anxiety, don’t delay treatment. Schedule a consultation online or by calling the office.