Adult Medicine Specialist

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From young adulthood to late adulthood, medicine is important. However, finding the right provider for your medicine needs can be a challenge. At Rochester Primary Care in Rochester and Rochester Hills, Michigan, Ramkrishna Surendran, MD has experience for all stages of adulthood. If you need any medical attention, please schedule a consultation by phone or online.

Adult Medicine Q & A

What is Adult Medicine?

This is a practitioner who specializes in providing medicine for people over 18. Dr. Surendran has experience treating adults of all ages, and they are here to help you.

What services are provided in Adult Medicine?

Adult medicine is more than a doctor prescribing you medication. An adult medicine doctor will examine you, monitor any health concerns you have, treat current health issues, and provide vaccinations as well.

A doctor who specializes in adult medicine can also recommend a specialist to you if you are experiencing a specific issue that the doctor alone cannot fix. Adult medicine address health concerns that people of all ages and genders have. At every stage of life, there is a concern you have, and Rochester Primary Care is here to help.